What Can’t Go In To Steel Bin

The inclusion of any material containing asbestos, any form of insulation material, or any other dangerous material is strictly prohibited.


Duty of Care when selling your recyclable metal products to Lucky’s Scrap Metals.  There is a mutual obligation under safety and environmental legislation to protect our employees, the general public and the environment.  It is your responsibility with loading a Steel Bin supplied by Luckys Scrap Metals to ensure you DO NOT place any prohibited items inside the bin. 

Please find below material items NOT accepted at any Luckys Scrap Metals site:



·                     Asbestos in any form

·                     LPG, oxygen, acetylene or any other compressed gas cylinders

·                     Petrol tanks unless the tanks are visible and have been perforated

·                     Any closed or sealed containers, e.g. Drums, tanks, cylinders which have not been neutralized and certified as clean, with tops and labels removed.

·                     Any chemicals, hazardous or flammable substances or explosives of any kind.

·                     Any vessel containing liquids, e.g. Paint, oil, petrol, tar, thinners and chemicals

·                     Any other hazardous items

·                     Dirt

·                     Concrete

·                     Garbage

·                     Rags

·                     Paper

·                     General Waste other debris and non-metallic’s

·                     Putrescible waste (food waste etc)

·                     Hazardous Waste

·                     Insulation material of any kind

·                     Liquids (paints, oils, chemicals) (Dry paints in cans are OK)

·                     Gas Bottles

·                     Empty Chemical Containers

·                     Tree Trunks.

·                     Mattresses

·                     tyres.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Any persons found leaving these items at any of Luckys Scrap Metals sites will be fined.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact a Luckys Team member by phone on (02) 4958 1271.