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Scrap Metal Industry Act 2016 and the proposed Scrap metal Industry Regulation 2016

Effective 1st March 2017 all businesses dealing in scrap metal will be required to be registered to comply with the provisions of the Act. The purpose of the Scrap Metal Industry Act 2016 is to provide for the regulation of the scrap metal industry primarily to assist police in addressing property crime, including the theft and disposal of stolen motor vehicles, copper and other metal at scrap metal yards. 

Regulatory measures provided for by the Act include:

  • Require persons who carry on a business of dealing in scrap metal (scrap metal dealers) to register the business with the Commissioner of Police.
  • Prohibit scrap metal dealers from paying cash for scrap metal.
  • Aluminium cans are excluded from the definition of "scrap metal"in the Act, meaning that scrap metal dealers can pay cash for these items
  • Require scrap metal dealers to keep and maintain records of transactions for buying scrap metal, including details of the person selling the scrap metal.
  • Require scrap metal dealers to report suspicious transactions to the police. 
  • Prohibit scrap metal dealers from accepting a motor vehicle (or any motor vehicle body, engine or chassis) as scrap metal if it does not display its identification details.


Lucky’s Scrap Metals is the only Independent Scrap Metal Merchant in the Newcastle Region trading since 1972. Starting out as B & S Scrap Metals Pty Ltd in Teralba the company has grown and developed over the years expanding its knowledge and expertise in the Scrap Metal Industry. In 2001 the company’s name took a change to Lucky’s Scrap Metals in memory and respect for the founder Mr Lucjan Bidas known by the locals as Lucky.

In 2005 Lucky’s Scrap Metals commenced servicing the Taree, Forster, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Wingham and the local community of Taree Lucky’s Scrap Metals provides services for the mining industry, farmers, the local community and local industries.

Our goal is to work together with the local community and industries to recycle all waste metal products both ferrous and non ferrous and general waste products creating a cleaner environment for our community.



Pick up service

Here at Lucky's Scrap Metals Pty Ltd we can come and pick up scrap metal from your home or worksite with our flatbed and roll-out trucks. We know how much hard work transporting scrap metal can be, so we'll do it all ourselves. Call us today and have peace of mind knowing that your scrap metal is recycled safely. Terms and Conditions apply to all collections, please contact one of our Recycling Team Members today to find out more information.

Professional and Economical

When you deal with us, you can expect the most professional metal recycling service. We will always show up on time and dispose of your scrap metal in a safe manner. If you are selling scrap metal to us, you can expect to be compensated with competitive industry rates that will sure to have you leaving with a smile on your face. This is what you should expect from us at Lucky's Scrap Metals Pty Ltd every time.

Domestic and commercial

Here at Lucky's Scrap Metals Pty Ltd, we deal with a range of clients, from domestic to commercial. You might have some scrap metal lying around in your yard that you need taken off our hands. You might be in charge of a large scale building site and have large amounts of off cuts lying around. Either way we are happy to deal with you. We have dealt with a wide range of clients can provide service to everyone. Terms and Conditions apply to all collections, please contact one of our Recycling Team Members today to find out more information.

Safe metal recycling services in Teralba